Video View: Vans Varix WC


A closer look at the new Vans sneaker.

In 2018 Vans debuted a new sneaker model called the Varix WC. The shoe received positive feedback from the sneaker community due to its unique design when compared to other Vans models.

As everyone knows, I'm always in stores and boutiques, but I never saw the Vans Varix WC in stores. I don't know if it's because buyers for retailers didn't believe in the new model and didn't place an order with Vans.

The odd thing is I couldn't even find the shoe at Vans stores. However, I finally saw the shoe in person and I recored a short video to give you a closer look at the sneaker.

If you like what you see, you can grab a pair by clicking here.

Watch the video for a detailed look.

Video View: Vans Varix WC