Warren Lotas Dunks Inspired by Stussy & Heineken Colorways


Warren Lotas joins the current bootleg wave.

Warren Lotas Dunks caused quite a stir online a few weeks ago. The real question is how does Nike SB feel about his version of the classic Dunk Low? Also, how do you personally feel about Warren's Jason Dunks?

For anyone who's familiar with Nike SB Dunks can clearly see the obvious inspiration. The highly sought after Stussy pink/brown and the green/white Heineken are the featured colorways on both Dunks... with a Jason Vorhees Swoosh.

Both shoes retail price is $300, but if you're reading this it's too late! The sneakers sold out within seconds! This Dunk copy is part of the recent bootleg wave that's been made popular thanks to Fugazi's One In The Chamber Jordan 1. Creatives are running wild with their own versions of the Jordan 1.

It looks like the Nike Dunk will be the next model to receive heavy bootleg treatment. I understand the rebellion and references of streetwear/fashion, so I get it. It's no different than what high fashion brands, Steve Madden and many others have been doing for YEARS!

However, it seems like the independent creatives are catching all the slack.

Never forget the popular quote: "good artists copy; great artists steal."