What Are Some Of Your Best Campout Memories?


If you’ve been in the game long enough, you’ve probably seen some funny stuff.

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I have sneakers to thank entirely for my knowledge of Boston’s public transportation system.

My teenage years were spent with sneaker-enthused friends, zipping between train lines through Cambridge, through Downtown, through Back Bay, through the South End and wherever else, doing sneaker meetups, hanging out at Bodega, Concepts, Laced, etc.

We were always up to something; always trying to catch the last Red Line train from Park St. towards Alewife so we wouldn’t have to call our moms to come pick us up at midnight.

One of the things we loved most was to campout for sneakers. If we had money, we’d try to camp, for example, for the latest and most hyped from Concepts, or a new collab at Bodega.

We’d camp even when we didn’t have to. I remember when the White Cements 3s dropped my senior year of high school, we showed up at the Cambridge Galleria on a Saturday morning two hours before Foot Locker even opened. The employees laughed at us ‘cause no one else was there.

We really didn’t even care though, we were all about the pursuit.

But that got me thinking -- what are some of your best memories from a campout? Not even necessarily the craziest, you know? Just the best.

For me, it’s when the Concords dropped, Christmas 2011. That release was H Y P E D -- first time they were dropping in 11 years, first time with that blue ice sole, first time with the high end packaging.

Folks were starving for them, and the rumor was every spot in the city was going to be packed. Niketown on Newbury called in the cops in preparation, Bodega was doing a raffle, Concepts wanted no part of the lines.

We were straight up worried we were going to miss out, until an older dude we met through a Facebook forum hit us with a tip -- Laced, a store tucked away in the South End, was getting 10 or so pairs. And they were getting them on the low.

So me and two other friends hopped on the Green Line at Lechmere all the way to Symphony off the C Line, and made a stealthy trip over to 426 Mass Ave.

This was about 8 p.m. on a Friday night. The release was happening at midnight on Saturday, and when we got there, man, there was no more than three other people waiting in line.

The dude working the shop came outside and asked us discretely what our sizes were, then ragged on my boy for wearing Timbs to a campout (he deserved it).

Then we just chilled, talked about sneakers with the other folks that were hip. The tenth and final spot in line was a kid that wandered by and asked what we were doing. We told him, he went home and got some money, and came back and camped with us.

At one point, a dude parked his whip outside the store, got out and asked us what we were waiting for. Then we realized he was clowning us because he was already wearing the Concords.

Those four hours passed real quick, and before you knew it, it was midnight, and we were getting our shoes rung up, eating pizza the people at Laced ordered for us. It was one of those nights where everything went perfect.

The best part?

We took a taxi home past Niketown, and cops were in riot gear cracking down on angry dudes that didn’t get their Concords. Our night was a little more relaxed. 

What was/is your go-to spot to camp out? What are your best memories?