What Are the Best Sneaker Podcasts?


Here are some sneaker podcasts you should check out.

Sneaker culture is alive and better than ever…

If you’re like me you don’t always have the time to check your social media feeds or get online to check see what’s going on in the sneaker community. With forums almost gone our voices have been left to comment sections which can sometimes become overwhelming and leave you feeling unengaged.

A breath of fresh air for me lately has been listening and watching sneaker related podcasts. It’s refreshing to hear other people who feel as passionate about sneaker culture as I do.

While most of us are aware of the popular youtube channels who specialize in reviews and uboxings, sneaker podcasts don’t really get the same acknowledgement but are just as important in keeping sneaker culture alive.

Here are a few a sneaker podcasts you can check when you have time (We miss you OSD).

TSG fam, if you have some sneaker podcast recommendations let us know in the comments.

TheSneakerBox Podcast

Talkin Kicks Podcast

The Monday Midsole

The Sneak Diss Podcast

What Are the Best Sneaker Podcasts?

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Good ish, Vane. However, I'd be lying if I said I've ever listened to one of these podcasts. No knock to them at all, but after talking and working on sneakers all day, the last thing on my mind is listening to a sneaker podcast. It's a needed medium in our space. Speaking of sneaker podcasts, I must say I miss Sneaker Fiends Unite with Dallas Penn & Premium Pete. The Internet wasn't as crowded with content back with EVERYONE fighting for your attention.