What Is Your Favorite Nike Air Max Model?


2011 Nike Air Max 95 "Solar Red"

Ever since them wheat 13s Joradn Brand has always been it for me, I never really used to check for other brands.

2011, my 10th grade year my friend used to sell me all my shoes because he worked at Footlocker. I'll never forget one morning he sold me these Air Max 95 "Solar Reds" and some Adidas Gazelles for $80.

These were my first pair of Nike shoes I couldn't hoop in, they turned into a shoe I wore at least 3 times a week. Air Max 95s also made me do my research on other brands, that's how I got introduced to Saucony, New Balance, Asiscs, etc.

Til this day Air Max 95s will always be my favorite Nike Air Max.

Do you have a favorite Nike Air Max model and why?

Photos: NiceKicks