What Is Your Favorite UNC Colorway?


Many different UNC colorways to pick from.

With the Air Jordan 3 UNC releasing tomorrow, it adds to extensive colorways for the UNC colorway.

Throughout the years there has been many different Retros that have graced those legendary UNC colors, my first introduction and my favorite was the Air Jordan 12 “Nubuck”.

Even though the Nubuck 12s released in 2003, my first seeing a pair was around 2009 when they rereleased when I first got to high school.

I’ve always been a fan of simplicity, so when I seen that beautiful black suede with that hint of light blue to detail the shoe I was instantly a fan.

There are many different UNC sneakers to choose from, I’m interested to see what is your favorite.

What is your favorite UNC colorway?

Photo: Solecollector