What’s the First Shoe You HAD To Have?


What’s your story?

This is a topic we can all relate to. We all remember that first pair we HAD to have.

For me, it was the Atlanta Falcons colorway of the Air Diamond Turf. I was in the 5th grade at Bob Mathis Elementary in Decatur where it’s greater, and it was love at first sight.

I remember seeing girls and boys wearing them, and I knew I had to have a pair. It was a combination of things that made me really want a pair: 1.) Deion Sanders. 2.) Atlanta. 3.) Fresh as hell.

Granted I was only 10, but I can’t think of time before then where I saw a shoe and fell in love.

I’ve always been a sucker for straps on sneakers, and I played baseball growing up, so I related with Prime Time. Deion wasn’t even human in my eyes because being a professional baseball and football player was unreal, word to Bo Jackson.

From that moment on, I’ve always had a thing for Nike cross trainers.

After seeing the kids at school debut the Air Diamond Turf, I told my mom I wanted a pair. I believe I begged her to get me a pair. I don’t remember the month they dropped, but what I do remember is I got a pair for Christmas in ’93.

My mom told my cousin Derrick from Detroit I wanted a pair, and he copped me a pair for Christmas. To this day I don’t know if she couldn’t find them in Atlanta, didn’t have the money, or if my cousin wanted to be the hero. I’ll probably never ask. I’m lying, I’ll probably ask her today. lol

I was geeked that I finally got a pair, but I guess my cousin couldn’t find the Atlanta colorway so I ended up with the Emerald colorway.

The thing is, when we were kids we used to get roasted if we weren’t matching. Kids nowadays don’t have those problems – they literally wear whatever they want, like adidas pants with Jordans.

Mixing brands would’ve got your feeling crushed back in the day. God I sound so old, and I’m sure there are teens reading this. Just know things were different back then.

That said, I wasn’t too thrilled about the Emerald colorway because of the matching rule. But what’s a kid to do?! My mom got me a couple of things to match, but y’all know how it was, you only had one or two school shoes, so I had to make those joints work.

Thinking back on it, that’s exactly what I did – made them work. I wore those mugs faithfully. I mean, you really couldn’t clown me because I had the new Deions. Aaaaaaaaaha! *Kendrick voice*

I’ll always have a crazy amount of love of the Air Diamond Turf.

That was the first shoe I HAD to have. What about you?

Please share your story in the comments.

Image: Flight Club