What’s the Go-To Shoe In Your City?


No matter where you’re from, every city has its own style.

Maybe it’s not how it used to be because social media connected the world, exposing us all to different styles and cultures around the world. That said, almost everyone looks the same now.

But it’s still a faithful sense of loyalty to certain looks and brands in some cities.

For example, I spent a lot of time in the DMV area during 2014-2015. I heard about the DMV culture for years, but it was amazing to see it with my own eyes.

There’s a rich devotion to Foams, New Balance 990, Retro basketball shoes, North Face, and Helly Hansen in the DC, Maryland, (northern) Virginia area. It’s not just a young or cool kids thing – it’s part of their culture.

Sure, there are people who follow popular Internet trends for relevance, but there are a lot of people who stay true to what they’ve always known.

As I was deciding on the next discussion topic, this question hit me! It’s perfect because I’ve always wondered where everyone who’s reading this is from. I know some of you in real life, and some of you I’ve been talking to for years in the comments and you’ve reveled where you’re from.

Everyone knows I’m from Atlanta. I’ll never let you forget. lol

But where are you from? And what’s the go-to shoe in your city?

Image: inverse