What's the Longest You've Ever Been In Line for A Sneaker?


We all have a story whether you've been in like for 5 mins, 5 hours or 5 days.

What's the Longest You've Ever Been In Line for A Sneaker?

It's been too long since our last discussion thread. I know a lot of people stopped commenting since we switched to the new site, but commenting isn't difficult at all. The more comments and engagement, the better the community will be on this site. Don't worry, I know there are a few things that need explaining and that will be addressed soon.

As for leaving comments on posts, that's easy!

But as I was saying, it's been too long since the last discussion post. The other day I asked people who follow @TheShoeGame on Instagram what's the longest they've ever been in line for a sneaker?

The funny thing I noticed during my first trip to New York is people say stand on line instead of in line. That was the oddest thing to me because it sounds so funny when you say it.

That's definitely a regional thing, but regardless if you stand in line or on line - let's talk about the longest you've ever been in a line waiting to cop shoes.

I had to think about this question/topic for a minute because I was never big on camping. I figured if I couldn't get them through my connect it wasn't that serious. To be clear, I'm talking years before TSG.

After thinking about it, I thought the longest I had ever been in line was 2 hours for Hawaii SB Dunks at Ambush Board Co. in Kennesaw, GA, but that's not true. Actually the longest I've ever been in line was for TNT Hyperdunks, an Atlanta exclusive release at Nike Lenox limited to 48 pairs. I waited from 1am-ish to 7/8am.

That's something I thought I would never do, but since Nike only made 48 pairs I knew it would be worth my time. The prices were nowhere near as crazy as I thought they would be, but I flipped my pairs extremely fast.

That's my story. I would love to hear your story, so drop a comment below.

What's the Longest You've Ever Been In Line for A Sneaker?

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