What’s the Most Shocking Shoe You’ve Ever Seen Sitting In A Store?


Over the course of previous discussions, we’ve talked about a lot of topics.

Everything from the first shoe you purchased with your own cake to the most you’ve ever dropped on a pair.

The list goes on, and the comments and stories are what makes this site so dope.

As I’ve mentioned a few times in the comments, I’m currently in Europe. I spent a week in London, and I’m currently typing this in Paris at 2:56am. What can I say? I’m still on EST.

Outside of all the go-to tourist spots, I made sure to peep the sneaker scene in London and Paris. I didn’t see as much as I wanted to in London, but I’m covering good ground in Paris.

Yesterday and today – well, technically, Sunday and Monday – I hit a few spots and was surprised by what I saw sitting on the shelves. What exactly did I see? Let’s start with the OG NMD PK (shout out Dr. StrangePork).

As much hype as there was surrounding the re-release, I was shocked to see a pair on display. Keep in mind, I was NOT at a consignment shop. My facial expression must have been crazy because my girl asked me several times if I was ok. I was just in shock.

I also stopped by Foot Locker to try on the Stan Smith Boost and see what other shoes were available.

As soon as I walked in the House of Hoops section, I spotted Chinese New Year Jordan 12s. I guess that shouldn’t have been super shocking because I’ve heard for years that Europe doesn’t rock with most Retro Jordan like the States.

All this got me to thinking, what’s the most shocking shoe I’ve ever seen just sitting? I figured I’d turn this into another discussion post so we can all chop it up.

These are just recent examples, and I’ll be sure to share more in the comments.

What’s the most shocking shoe you’ve ever seen sitting in a store?