What’s the Most You’ve Ever Paid for A Shoe? Any Regrets?


Let’s talk about it.

At some point you missed out on a hyped release for retail or finally saved enough to cop your grails. How real was your thirst? Enough to pay high resell prices? Surely, some of us have been there before.

Sometimes it’s easy to justify resell prices, especially if the price isn’t too high. For example, if you missed out on Nike Air Cement 4s (retail $220) and paid $300 – that’s not bad at all when you think about it.

But what about those times you missed out on Tiffany Dunks, Black Laser 4s, Yeezys, Fragment 1s, Galaxy Foams, etc. That’s a totally different conversation from the Cement 4 example.

Today’s discussion is good because everyone’s opinion will differ based on what each person feels is a lot of money. Paying $400-$600 over retail might not be a big deal to some people.

What’s the most bread you’ve ever dropped on a pair of shoes, and do you regret it now?

If you’re reading this, share your story in the comments.