What’s Your Current Holy Grail?


Holy Grail are words we used to hear all the time in the sneaker community.

Let’s keep it 100, most of our grails were created by Nike or Jordan (same thing). With 10 years and counting of retros, most of our grails have been released. Keyword: most!

Today’s discussion question was inspired by Executive, but I slightly remixed it. Executive’s question: Shoes that we absolutely love but never owned. That doesn’t mean the shoe has to be your holy grail, but living in 2016, I was curious if anyone who reads this blog still has holy grail?

Maybe you’re still waiting for Nike/Jordan bring back your grail or perhaps you’re waiting for the resell price to drop.

Either way, let’s all share our thoughts in the comments section. I used an old photo that shows just a small portion of Greg Street’s insane sneaker collection.

Most of you all have seen the collection video we shot back in 2011, but if you’re new to the game, take some time watch it. I included Part 1 below – watch the rest on TheShoeGame’s YouTube channel.

What’s Your Current Holy Grail?