What’s Your Sneakerhead Pet Peeve?


Let’s talk about it.

Some people debate that there’s no sneaker community or culture. Whether you agree or disagree, we can all agree the term sneakerhead is a real thing.

Sure, the name may be corny to some people now, but it’s a real thing. From the underground days to the widely exposed social media days – sneakerheads do exist.

The funny thing is real sneakerheads hate being called a sneakerhead, and people looking to convince others have to keeping reminding everyone that they are a sneakerhead.

With any and everything in life, there are going to be things that get under your skin.

As for sneakerheads or sneaker culture, what’s your pet peeve?

Some people strongly dislike blogs, social media, licking sneakers, resellers, shady shops, weird sneaker poses, culture vultures, the fake it until you make it approach, celebrities who use sneakers for relevance, and the list goes on.

I’m sure everyone reading this has something to share, even if you don’t consider it a pet peeve. Maybe it’s just something you don’t like or wish you could change.

Share whatever you feel like expressing in the comments.