What Sneaker Do You Regret Turning Into Beaters?


Since the early days of TSG, one of the dopest things about this blog is the community.

The people who visit and comment on daily have helped separate TSG from other blogs.

A lot of you would be surprised who reads the comments on this site. When I visit Nike HQ, adidas, trade shows, etc. TSG’s comments section is always mentioned. Some of y’all are famous yo!

I haven’t met a lot of you, but some of us have been talking in the comments for years, so I’m sure it won’t be weird when we finally meet in real life.

Back in September 2006, I didn’t have a plan for this site, I just wanted to do it. Jumping in the comments and talking to readers was common sense to me. Who would’ve known 10 years later that TSG would still have the best sneaker blog community?

Real talk, I appreciate y’all because nowadays you don’t have to check blogs due to social media, so it’s truly a blessing to see how many of y’all stuck with TSG over the years. Thank you!

Before a young boss gets all emotional, let me get to the point of this post.

OG TSG reader/commenter and part-time comedian, Executive, came up with a great topic for a discussion post. In his words, “Yo G Roc, I was thinking and came up with an idea for a topic: Shoes that we regret running into the ground.

This is a perfect topic because we can ALL relate and contribute to this conversation.

I ripped the photo above from @FarOut88 on Twitter. This is what he had to say: “Probably time to retire the 2016 OG White Cement 4s I got in March as daily beaters. Next up, 2016 OG Banned 1s ftw.”

You get the point. Thanks to Executive for the idea. Now let’s get it poppin’ in the comments.