What Sneaker Started The Resell Business?


The Nike Air Foamposite One “Galaxy” played a key role in the resell business.

When I first called myself a sneaker head, getting access to shoes wasn’t all that difficult. Hardest thing I had to do was get up in the morning and get on Eastbay online store when a shoe first came out.

In 2012, around the NBA All-Star Game the Nike Air Foamposite One “Galaxy” was the most sought after shoe I’ve ever seen, the hype behind that shoe was ridiculous.

I remember there were very few stores in the Atlanta area selling them, people were camping out at “Walters” a well known urban store in Atlanta the whole week waiting for those foamposites.

After the shoe released they were reselling for $1,000 plus, that was my first time seeing a new release being flipped for that much.

I felt like once the people seen how much of a profit that they could make off flipping that one shoe it took the whole resell business by storm.

What sneaker do you think started the resell business?

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I would say in 2012 the resell explosion started, Nike Air Yeezy 2, Nike Air Foamposite Paranorman, & the entire NBA All Star Game Galaxy collection. Honorable mention would be the Nike Tom Sachs 1.0 as well. All these sneakers sell for over double or triple their retail price! After this year the true essence of sneaker culture died to me.


Hmmm... I would say once Kanye started releasing his coronavirus sneakers, with jaspers and yeezy. Sneakers went from a passion hobby to a resell only business.



In my opinion, the 2003-2005 Nike SB era showed people you can make off reselling sneakers. Not saying people were only selling SBs, but the hype from SBs and other Nike QS drops really got it poppin around that 2003-2005 timeline

A very thought provoking question tho.