What Store Was Your Go-To Sneaker Shop Growing Up?


What store was your go-t0 sneaker shop growing up?

We all had one, so where do you used to go to buy a fresh pair?

I don’t think anyone reading this is surprised that I used Walter’s as a reference photo for this discussion piece. I’m from Atlanta and Walt has been supplying ATL with sneakers and clothing since the 1960s.

Walter’s is without a staple in Atlanta. That’s where young G-Roc used to go sneaker shopping. Walt always had a few pairs that you couldn’t find at other stores in the city.

Some of the prices were also cheaper than other retailers with the same product. If you live in Atlanta or ever visited, you have probably spent a few bucks at Walter’s. But that’s my story and sneaker shop.

What about you? Where did your parents take you to buy new shoes when growing up? Better yet, what was your go-to spot when you started buying your own shoes?

Let’s talk about it in the comments. Everyone has a story.

What Store Was Your Go-To Sneaker Shop Growing Up?