What Were Your Early Go-To Sneaker Websites?


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PickYourShoes.com, via 2007 above, was a staple for me. 

Way back in the late 2000s, when Kevin Garnett was holding down Boston and I was holding down my junior varsity basketball team, the sneaker culture was rich and the Internet was our way of knowing about it.

Sneaker blogs (like the one you’re reading right now) were giving the lowdown and sneaker retail sites were giving us the market prices.

Every free period in high school, every weekday after school, every weekend and every summer, a few friends and I would refresh a few certain sites whenever we could to soak up as much information as we could. Here are a few I can remember.

23isback.com -- We liked the site because the folks who ran it were clearly obsessive Jordan heads. All the information was dope. It’s crazy, too, to look now at the site and see how nice and clean it is compared to a screenshot of it from late-2008, when every site was an eye sore.

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pys.com -- Are you really a sneakerhead if you never messed with PYS, though? Two things attracted us to this site; the SALES tab and the free shipping over $40. (They brought that up to $50 now, still a great deal).

Forums.Solecollector.com -- WDYWT. Need I say more?

Hittin-Groove -- If you haven’t heard of HG, I might have just put you on. Since way back, this dude has been pumping out OG sneakers for the low from a bunker in Japan. My first ever OG pair of Jordans, some Obsidian 12s, were from this dude for $140 shipped. Deadstock. If you ain’t hip, check his eBay store out.

FlightClub.com -- I have never bought a pair of kicks from FC, but back in the day it was a great resource for high def pictures and extreme market prices.

TheShoeGame.com -- Ha! Shameless plug, I know. But we were with TSG since forever, especially when G-Roc dropped the two-part collection video with Greg Street.

You don’t have to smoke a pipe to be on crack! *Greg Street voice*

Those are just a few from off the top of the dome.

I want to hear where y’all went for sneaker information, retail information, sneaker purchases, anything, when you first got into sneakers.

Let’s remember some early sneaker websites. Share your story in the comments.