Which Iconic Jordan 1 Do You Prefer Royal Or Bred?


This will always be a debate but which do you prefer?

With Jordan 1s being one of the most sought after Jordan models nowadays , many people have many different favorite silhouettes.

The "Royal" and "Bred" will always be a staple of Jordan 1 catalog.

Originally “Banned” from the NBA, Jordan Brand used that as inspiration to create something historical and the rest is literally history. Also known as the “Bred” Air Jordan 1, the Black and Red Air Jordan 1s will always be iconic.

What could possibly be the second most iconic Air Jordan 1 is the “Royal” Air Jordan 1. Going without the traditional Black and Red color scheme, this release is literally neck and neck in the conversation of greatest Air Jordan 1s of All-Time.

I personally have just always been a fan of the color blue, so I would have to choose the Royal 1s.

Which iconic Jordan 1 are you going with?

Source: memyselfnmykickz