Why Do You Care If Forbes & Matt Powell Think Sneakerheads Are Unimportant?

Ray P


Speak your mind.

Mr. "Skechers is the hottest brand right now" aka Matt Powell recently published an article on Forbes comparing sales between sneakerheads and average consumers, thus deeming the sneakerhead unimportant.

Sneakerheads really have only a minor impact on retail sales.

The sneakerhead media is made up everything from very sophisticated, large publishing organizations to guys doing YouTube videos in their Mom’s basement. All live in fear of offending the brands that they depend on to keep them fed with pictures and information about upcoming releases.

As soon as this article marinated around the Internet for a day, Matt Powell's mentions were on fire from his followers to people who read the article and felt some type of way. The reality of the matter is, why do you care? I surely don't.

Matt Powell is 62 years old, when is the last time you took advice about the culture you love from some old dude you're not related to? I'll wait. To add to that, he has gone on record to say he doesn't buy sneakers, he just looks at sales reports. The fact is we the sneaker blogs made Matt Powell relevant by sharing his sales reports, which in turn lead to his almost 12,000 follower count on Twitter. This is the same guy who said Kanye West is not influential... laughing my ass off. His facts are on point, but his opinions not so much.


Matt Powell doesn't care about sneakerheads, you don't need to care about his opinions either. He offers good analysis on sales reports within the sneaker industry, but that's about it. That is the reason we gave him Best Twitter in our Sneaker Yearbook. MP is not invested in the sneaker culture, so you have to understand his perspective as a spectator and not a participant.

I am not focused on how rich brands are becoming off of us or how much sales sneakerheads generate. Just like you TSG Fam, I care about hot sneakers, where I can cop them, and connecting with really cool people within the culture to build. So let's not get riled up about being called unimportant. Keep buying your kicks and looking fresh!

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 8.48.36 AM

This is worth addressing really fast, only because the community knows TSG doesn't hold their tongue with such articles as Reasons Why The Sneaker Game is F'd Up, 5 Things Nike Played Out, Celebrities Using Sneakers To Stay Relevant, and our man Dallas Penn with his monthly column, Drop 10 - What Not To Cop.

At the end of the day, these are all just opinions on the Internet folks. Don't go to Matt Powell's mentions and start cursing him out - respect your elders.

Salute to all the sneaker blogs, brands, readers, and everyone else who plays a vital role in sustaining our ever growing sneaker culture. The sneakerhead IS important.