Why Dwyane Wade & Li-Ning Were The Biggest Losers During Fight Night

Ray P

dwyane wade back with jordan brand possibly
Image via @KimKardashian

One of the most anticipated boxing matches of all time went down on May 2nd between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. The fight was talked about so much that anything associated with it was put on a large platform for the world to see. Social media then magnified the moment times a million. Typically, if you have a sponsor, product, or brand, it's instances like these you try to capitalize on because who can't use the free promotion? Apparently Dwyane Wade didn't get that memo.

Kim Kardashian West took to Instagram to share her Fight Night moment with the Anthonys and Wades. Great company indeed. It looks like a wonderful photo, except for one problem. Dwyane Wade was spotted wearing Air Jordans.

Why is that an issue you ask?

While the photo may have been innocent, Dwyane Wade and the Li-Ning brand took a major loss. We can't knock Wade for casually wearing Jordans like the rest of the world, but let's break down the photo from a sneaker perspective since this is TheShoeGame.

Kanye West is wearing his own adidas shoe.
Carmelo Anthony is wearing his own Jordan Brand shoe.
Dwyane Wade is not wearing his own Li-Ning shoe.

For starters, Wade has a new lifestyle sneaker, the Way of Wade Diamond which would look perfectly fine with his current outfit. Many of Wade's fans (including us) were confused as if Dwyane might be headed back to Jordan Brand. Why wouldn't you wear your own shoe to a party with friends who represent the two most popular footwear brands in the world right now? For being the face of Li-Ning, wearing Jordan's in public won't help convince anyone that they should support Wade's shoe over MJ's.

This photo is one of the rare occasions that Li-Ning could have been side by side with Yeezy and Jordan Brand as if to say these are the sneakers you need to be wearing because they are cool enough for a Fight Night party with the top celebrities. Let's be honest, Li-Ning needs all the publicity they can get.

The image reached about 40 million people after Kim K, Dwyane Wade, and Carmelo's Wife shared it on Instagram, which in reality is a small number because every major media website shared it right after.

Li-Ning and Dwyane Wade have been doing some great things with their brand, I would hate for him to make the same mistake twice.

This isn't a hate post, it's a real post. So leave all your feedback, opinions, and backlash in the comments below.