Wide Receiver Andre Johnson Debuts 11 Unreleased Air Jordan Retros

Ray P

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Jordan athletes sharing their mail on Instagram has been a really dope experience. They're not beating team early on first looks, but they are showing us legit sneakers and confirming releases of rumored retros.

Andre Johnson, former Houston Texans Wide Receiver, shows off eleven unreleased Air Jordan retros. And we can expect every single one of them to release soon.

The sneakers in the photo include:

  1. Air Jordan 2 Low Chicago Retro
  2. Air Jordan 2 Low Navy Carolina
  3. Air Jordan 11 Low Varsity Red Retro
  4. Air Jordan 11 Navy Gum
  5. Air Jordan 8 Championship Pack
  6. Air Jordan 4 Premium Snakeskin
  7. Air Jordan 17 Bred
  8. Air Jordan 10 Charlotte Hornets City Pack
  9. Air Jordan 12 Grey Navy
  10. Air Jordan 9 Low Pantone

TSG will report on release dates for each Air Jordan photographed.

Which of the 11 unreleased Air Jordan retros are you looking forward to most?

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