Y-3's adidas Retro Boost is Better Than The Yeezy Boost & Has Zero Hype

Ray P


If you really want to enjoy a high fashion designer's take on adidas Boost technology with premium materials, then the Y-3 Retro Boost is exactly what you need. An exposed full length sole allows you to really experience the cozy ride provided by the Boost, unlike the Yeezy Boost 350 which is encapsulated. We're not saying Yeezys are bad either, these are just a lot better and have a lot less hype.

The Y-3 adidas Retro Boost features a neoprene upper, leather toe caps, along with waxed laxes and heel support. Retail price is set at $315 and you can grab a pair right now.

Y-3 adidas Retro Boost
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