Yeezy Designer Nic Galway Explains Why BOOST Hasn't Released in Any Colors but White

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Since the rise of the Ultra Boost in 2015, the most common question adidas employees receive is: "why haven't you made black or different colored BOOST?"

We've never gotten a solid answer, until now.

adidas is a performance footwear brand, so where do you think they stand in terms function versus fashion? Easy guess here.

Nic Galway, designer of the NMD and Yeezy Boost series, sat down with Sneaker Freaker recently to discuss many things including why Boost technology only comes in white, for now.

On why BOOST technology is usually exposed

Nic Galway: The reason you see that is that the Boost has such a strong memory as a material. If you were to see it compressing in slow-motion you can see that it has so much memory that other materials can’t keep up with it.

Now if you encapsulate Boost and you close the holes on the sole and the footbed then you’re basically laminating it, like with plywood, and you are stopping the material from working.

So it’s very visual but it’s visual for a function, the same as the outsole. All the cut-outs, they aren’t just design elements, they’re allowing the Boost sole to move and adapt, and allowing for you to get the maximum cushioning from it.

An example of encapsulated BOOST is what you see on the Yeezy 350 Boost and Yeezy 750 Boost. If you have NMDs or Ultra Boosts in your rotation, Yeezy Boosts lack in comfort because the priority is fashion over function. As Nic explained, covering the Boost takes away from its purpose.

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On why BOOST is white

Nic Galway: People often ask why Boost is white. The reason is that the coatings don’t have the memory of the material so they would fatigue too quickly and, you know, it sounds like an easy thing to do but its really not.

adidas wants you to enjoy the full experience of BOOST before compensating performance for fashion. You've gotta respect that.

There are samples floating around of the first colored BOOST sneaker, the adidas NMD Triple Black. The Three Stripes has yet to confirm a release, so don't get your hopes up too high.

Read more on Nic Galway over at Sneaker Freaker right now.

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