Yeezys Did Not Inspire Nike Air Trainer Cruz, 3 Other Shoes Did

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The Nike Air Trainer Cruz draws obvious design cues of many iconic sneakers from the Swoosh's archives.

Upon its debut on the internet, Victor Cruz's first shoe drew the most comparisons to the Nike Air Yeezy 2. From the geometric shapes to the overall DNA of the sneaker, people swore it was Kanye inspired.

The NY Giants Wide Receiver sat down with Complex to set the record straight about what really inspired the Nike Air Trainer Cruz:

COMPLEX: Your sneakers take elements from other iconic sneakers. Why did you decide to incorporate them?

VICTOR CRUZ:The mid-sole, the tooling of the shoe is an Air Trainer 1. Growing up, Bo Jackson was kind of the first guy I saw with shoes, you know, really making culture cool and really playing to that. So I wanted to pay some honor to that. And I wanted that tooling to be a part of it and kind of build up from there.

The strap which you see is just luxury. I wanted to have my strap not just to be a strap with molding or whatever it was. I wanted it to look like it belonged on a Balenciaga or belonged on, you know, a Givenchy shoe, or something like that. So I wanted to really spice up the luxury aspect as well as with the materials, the suedes and things like that. And then the side hit.

The molding on the side was something Nike brought to me on one of the samples and I was, whoa, I like that.

Like the strap itself I took from the Deion [Sanders] Primetime shoe. That was one of my favorites shoes as well from a football standpoint, I wanted to take bits and pieces from that.

Now that we know the facts, do you still think Yeezys inspired the Nike Air Trainer Cruz? Comment your thoughts down below.

Read the full interview over at Complex.

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