Zara Rips Off The adidas Yeezy 750 Boost

Ray P

zara yeezy boost 750 rip off

Since Kanye West speaks so highly of Zara, it's only right Zara rips off the adidas Yeezy 750 Boost. Ha!

Granted Yeezys were inspired by a few other shoes, this rip off clearly has Kanye's name written on it.

Meet the broke boy version of the 750. From the ridges on the sole to the shape of the shoe, it's obvious.

Zara is known for taking the latest trends and reinterpreting them for mass production. Unlike sneakerheads, the masses just want the look and could careless about the designer it was stolen from.

Throw some black denim over these bad boys and I'm sure you can convince a few people in the club that you're rocking Yeezy Boosts. That's what Zara's footwear is good for.

Would you rock Zara's rip off version of Yeezy Boosts? Share your thoughts below.