SNKRS App Proves to be The Best Way to Cop Sneakers From Nike Store

Ray P

SNKRS App Proves to be The Best Way to Cop Sneakers From Nike Store

Since 2013, Nike has been diligently working on ways to better assist customers who aren’t trying to cheat the system for multiple pairs of sneakers. Here we are a couple of years later and mission impossible has been accomplished. The days of solely having to deal with bots on or other online retailers are over.

After highly anticipated releases such as Shattered Backboard Air Jordan 1s, OVO Air Jordan 10s, and more recently “UNC” Air Jordan 1s, TSG took to Twitter to see which platform was most successful for sneakerheads to cop. Surprisingly, an astounding percentage of our followers mentioned the SNKRS app more so than any website including

Some sneakerheads were late to the party and still managed to strike gold…

Upon further questioning, Sneakerheads have happily copped the majority if not all of the shoes they’ve desired straight off the SNKRS app. Although there were some app crashing errors to fix during the initial launch, the experience has been nothing but smooth sailing since.

Fellow TSGFam member JayOldPeachTree shared a story (bittersweet if you took several L’s that sadderday) about how the SNKRS app came through in the clutch for OVO Air Jordan 10’s…

So, if you’re tired of missing out on releases via, we suggest you take your talents to the SNKRS app. Don’t disown all websites completely, though. It’s always best to have several backup plans because no method is guaranteed to score every time. Join TSG on the next hyped release and follow us on Twitter @TheShoeGame.

Download the SNKRS app for iPhone here

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