Womens Nike Vandal 2K Double Stack


Women’s Nike Vandal 2K Double Stack…

Thick soles everywhere.

Chucky soles or platforms are not new, but it sure does feel like it’s a new design. Fashion has its way of repeating itself like history and athletic & high end brands are all over this trend.

Rihanna designed the Creeper to give her female and male fans an option to rock a super thick sole. The model was received well and Puma even offers a similar shoe that’s not a Fenty style.

So, it was only right for Swoosh to get in where they fit in on this wave/trend. Nike created the Vandal 2k for women who have the style and grace to pull this look off. Is it you?

Both colorways have a May 5 release date on Nike.com and retail price of $120.

Ladies, can you get jiggy with this shoe? Fellas, would your lady rock these?

Womens Nike Vandal 2K Double Stack