Atlanta Boutique Robbed Just Days Before Yeezy Boost Release

Ray P

Sneaker shops are becoming targets more and more lately.

Atlanta boutique robbed Just days before Yeezy Boost release.

A Ma Maniere hasn’t been opened for even a year and they’ve just suffered their third smash & grab robbery. No that’s not a typo, third robbery in just under a year!

These types of sneaker crimes are becoming more consistent as resale prices of sneakers becomes more glorified.

Here’s the full story via AJC:

Burglars smashed out a front window of A Ma Maniere in the 900 block of Marietta Street near 8th Street shortly after 3 a.m. Thursday.

Atlanta police spokesman Warren Pickard said surveillance video showed three male suspects entering the store and stealing six iPads, several boxes of tennis shoes and the cash register, which contained $700 in cash.

On Sept. 7, surveillance video showed seven thieves looting the store of an estimated $15,000 in merchandise after backing a Ford Taurus through the front doors.

Following that incident, the store’s owners installed large concrete posts in the parking lot to keep vehicles from being able to drive through the front of the store.

In Thursday’s break-in, the thieves heaved pieces of concrete at the store’s large double-paned front glass window, but were only able to shatter the outer pane of glass.

They then broke out a smaller glass window above the front door to gain entry to the store.

Pickard said investigators Thursday “collected blood evidence from the scene which was a result of one of the subjects injuring himself during the entry.”

Boutique Robbed Just Days Before Yeezy Boost Release