Celebrities Caught Wearing Fake Yeezy Boosts


In this here shoe game, anyone can get caught slipping.

Even stars with lots of zeros in their bank accounts fall victim to fakes.

TSG regularly recognizes celebrities who wear dope sneakers. However, today we’ve gotta blast the celebrities caught wearing fake Yeezy Boosts.

Kanye West’s signature line with adidas is the most sought after for several reasons including their scarceness.

Chances are if you have a pair of Yeezy Boosts, you’re going to feel like flexing every once in a while. Unfortunately for celebrities, when you step into the culture, you gotta come correct or not at all.

This list will be updated over time because the fake Yeezy Boost wave is only just beginning. Enjoy reading and feel free to send us any info of other offenders to add.

Celebrities caught wearing fake Yeezy Boosts

Swae Lee (of Rae Sremmurd) must of made the 8 Ball first because he took an L here.

The young homie got got on a pair of super fake Moonrock Yeezy Boost 350’s. With the success of Rae Sremmurd’s music, buying a pair of real yeezys for retail or even at Flight Club is pennies to them.

I still rock with Rae Sremmurd’s music though. If ya’ll need a sneaker consultant just let the kid know.

Tiesto (EDM DJ) is looking at his lineup of fakes like he won the Powerball.

This guy certainly is a legendary DJ. However, a sneaker connoisseur he is not. And that’s totally okay. But when you’re a big time artist, you need to have people around who you are able to legit check things before you go flexing.

The Turtle Dove and White 350’s look like banana boats. The pattern on the TD’s are way off as well. I hope John Wexler of adidas can fix this issue ASAP!

Did you know Tiesto actually had his own Reebok sneaker? Crazy. In case you think I’m hating, we have celebrated Tiesto for wearing heat before.

Alesso (EDM DJ) pictured shopping on Amazon for more deals on Yeezys.

Okay, maybe Alesso doesn’t frequent Amazon, but he got those fufu Yeezys from somewhere! Kanye’s influence has grown past Hip Hop and flooded into EDM. Everyone wants a piece of that fly.

Hopefully next time Alesso is featured on this site, it’s in the DJ Feet column where we tip our hat to DJ’s wearing fire jawns.

Zac Efron (Actor) pockets aren’t struggling, but his feet are.

Some might say, “well Diddy has a red pair!” To that I say yes, Diddy dyed a real pair red. Zac Efron’s pair fell off the back of a truck that way. The linear pattern on the uppers is a dead giveaway.

I feel like he might have captioned this pic “My plug > yours” on Instagram. Except he failed to mention that this flea market was his plug.

TSG will continue to update this post throughout time. Be sure to check back for more flagrant Yeezy Boost fakes!

H/T: YeezyBusta

Which was the most flagrant of celebrities caught wearing fake Yeezy Boosts?