Here’s The Funniest Yeezy Season 1 Meme Yet

Ray P

Yeezy Season 1 collection is now available and has caused quite the uproar.

You’ve most likely seen endless memes about how Kanye’s collection looks like wardrobe from the Walking Dead or outrage at the prices of individual pieces.

In my opinion, no meme on Twitter has been as funny as the one seen above. Everyone has thought about one of the scenarios when it comes to the collection whether you wanted to buy it or not.

Goods designed by Kanye West are always good for the flip, but literally $3,500 for the coat? Ha! Yeezy Season 1 is probably the best Bruh Moment of 2015. If you copped – salute, I think a lot of pieces are fresh. And if you didn’t cop, have a laugh on us!

Hopefully this Yeezy Season 1 Meme gets you through the work day. Cheers.

Sorry, Kanye!