Kanye Wants To Open the First Yeezy Store in California


Westside, the best side?

In a recent interview with the gatekeepers of fashion, Vogue Magazine, Kanye revealed that he plans to open the first Yeezy store in California. One would assume he would open the first store in Chicago or New York, but Ye went with Cali because that’s where he lives.

He also went on to say he wants to open 200 stores next year, but that’s basically him just talking for now. Homeboy has to reduce the price of Yeezys and up the production before we take his word for gold.

“I believe the first one will be in California, since that’s where I stay now. I can go by there most often, check in, get the vibe. But I want to do 200 stores in the next year. That’s just me saying what I want. I’m not saying what can definitely happen but you might as well just state out loud what you want. That’ll put you one step closer to getting it.”

This could be a major problem for other brands if done right.


Image: Dan Freebairn