Watch Jimmy Kimmel Prank People With Yeezy Boost 2000s


Jimmy Kimmel is a damn fool!

It’s that simple. I rock with Jimmy because his sense of humor is similar to mine. There’s nothing like a good prank. Oh how I wish MTV’s Boiling Points still came on.

I never thought much about pranking people with sneakers, but Jimmy and his team have managed to come up with some good pranks by levering the Kanye’s Yeezy brand.

This time the joke is centered around the obviously fake Yeezy Boost 2000.

This video proves a few things: 1.) Some people just want to be on camera. 2.) Some people are completely clueless. 3.) Some people just love Kanye and will cosign his every move.

Watch the video and treat yourself to a good laugh.

Sidenote: Ol boy is clueless about his Yeezys. They got you dawg and you ain’t even know it – word to Rocko and Future.