Why Wearing Yeezys Make You Feel Like The Flyest Dude Out

Ray P

Explained by Trinidad James.

No matter what your opinion is about Kanye West designed sneakers, each shoe carries a certain type of allure. That allure that few fashion icons have captured such as Ralph Lauren, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Raf Simons, Michael Jordan, etc. No matter what the product looks like, people wear those brands with a sense of pride. You feel automatically fly if you are rocking that particular brand. Trinidad James recently shared an interesting perspective worth sharing on the Yeezy Brand that I thought was refreshing and didn’t think about myself.

Trinidad James:

You ever realize that when a guy wants to be at his flyest moment his go to sneaker is the Yeezy? And I know this is not every man, but really think about it. When you wear your Yeezys you feel like the flyest dude whether your outfit is TURNT UP or humble. The ultimate gift of being fly in my opinion is being able to share that “fly.”
My overall point in is that this makes the Yeezy and Kanye the flyest dude (Rapper with a sneaker) in the world. Until somebody makes a sneaker that makes the consumer feel that they are flyer than Kanye, then he’s the best. Thank you for the challenge Sir. #PowertoAdidas#3stripeGang

What do you think about Trinidad James’ thoughts on the feeling Yeezys give someone? Share your thoughts, opinions and feedback down below.