Zara Made a Horrible High Fashion Orthopedic Yeezy Boost 350 Rip Off

Ray P

Feast your eyes on the most swagless piece of footwear ever created.

If your name is Matt Powell and you’re 70 years young looking to flex at the next Bingo meetup, Zara has fire for you, Fam.

Meet the Zara Hook and Loop. It’s pretty much a futuristic orthopedic shoe with a lot of Yeezy Boost 350 influence. This hot piece of trash retails for $59.90 online. I can’t wait to see all the fire puddle photos on Instagram that will result as of this post.

A few months ago Zara dropped their Yeezy 750 boost inspired shoe which ironically was received pretty well. If you copped those, you might as well complete the Swagless Boost set and grab you a pair of the Hook & Loops right now.